To my dearest almost real sister

Hey Audrea, 

I guess you’ll never see this since it’s on tumblr but still i will type. This is kind of the time whereby it’s a point in life whereby idk where or what i want to do. I’m really thankful that you were always so supportive of me and were always there. If not for you i couldn’t go pass those hard n sad times and don’t forget that I’m here for you too <3 i really loved those time whereby we spoke on the phone, sat down and we acted like as if we didn’t need to care about anyone else in the world. If we are happy it’s like a festive mood but if we’re sad it’s like the whole world died with us.We’re not those types of friends that would hug or get all emotional. But there is just this feeling of attachment when it comes to you. idk if u feel it but i do feel it strongly like a family. anyways if you managed to read this means at this year of 2016 we’re still good and all ^_^ as we grow older we make new friends and all but i’m really glad that you’re still here and i still feel connected with you. I’m not those sort that can express myself well face to face. writing makes it whole lot easier. 

Audrea ah, thanks for everything and I’m glad that we made it through all the hard times and sure there will be many fun times. i think it will be cool to show you this in the year of 2016. i love you a lot my bitch and sister. although we are not even blood related but I’m thankful for the connection between us. idk if you feel the same but honestly you’re one of the most important person in my life and also someone that can’t be replaced. if next life i can choose to have a sister, I’ll choose you. 


With many love, 

Shirleen 😘

20.Aug.14 1 day ago